Top 5 Tips: How To Create A POWERFUL Vision Board

As I close my eyes I start to visualise my dream holiday to the Maldives. The sun is beaming down wrapping around my body like a soothing comforter and the cool breeze from the clear blue sea gently brushes past as I admire the beautiful tall palm trees and the endless trail of sandy beach. As I lay here listening to sounds of the waves, I am relaxed, grateful and ready to make the most of my time in paradise.…”

A vision board is more than just a board filled with images, when used correctly to its full extent it becomes a powerful story filled with positive energy and emotions, which will help manifest your goals and dreams.

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Top 5 Tips: How To Create A POWERFUL Vision Board


Collect images that bring you complete joy, that are positive and tell a story of your future self. Using Marie Kondo’s method here is perfect, look at the image and ask yourself, do you bring me joy, are you positive, do you make me feel happy. The pictures of your goal and visualising yourself achieving that goal should bring you complete joy and happiness.

For instance, if your goal is to go on holiday, collect images of the hotel, the seafront views, the beach, and the tourist attractions, which bring you complete joy and excite you. Say to yourself, yes that’s me lying on the beach, relaxing and it’s going to be amazing! We find using this method brings out powerful positive emotions and feelings.


Writing positive and motivating words/quotes on your vision board is a great way to tell your story but also to boost self assurance, confidence, add an extra boost of motivation and it is also a great reminder of why you are trying to achieve your goal.

For instance, for a holiday destination it might be positive words such as, relaxation, tranquillity, calm, adventure, sunset wind down, experience culture, with a quote of: “travel to as many places as I can”, or if you goal is to work out, you might write words such as; healthy, strong and confident, healthy lifestyle, more energy. A quote might be: “stronger than yesterday”


Just like breaking down your ultimate goals into smaller goals, you can also utilise your vision board in the same way. Your ultimate goal might be to see all the seven wonders of the world, however this year your focus will be to visit the Taj Mahal just one of the seven wonders of the world.

Therefore, create a vision board based on visiting the Taj Mahal, you may include images of everything you want to see, where you want to stay, the food you want to eat. Using this method is great to focus on the details, which will create a powerful visualisation, produce powerful feelings and create emotions on how you would feel if you were living your goal right now.

Another great way way to break it down is to create a vision board for each area of your life, for instance, one for health and fitness, one for travel, one might be for a promotion at work etc.


In your office, bedroom, lounge or take a photo and use it as a wallpaper on your phone. This way you can look at your vision board at least every morning, every evening and throughout the day. When you look at your vision board visualise yourself doing the things on your board. Think about how you feel and talk about your visions to yourself. Talk about how you feel, what you want to do and see etc. If you feel down or you lose your focus, look at your vision board, let it help you visualise your outcome, your dreams and let it help you get back on track with positive vibes.


This isn’t so much as a tip to help you create your vision board but a really great tip for you to remember when looking at your vision board and something to remember when you feel like things are not going to plan. Having faith is powerful, in order to achieve anything you must have faith, in yourself, in goals and have faith that things always work out.

You are powerful and in control and we believe this is a great way for your to envisage how you want your future. Along with visualising yourself achieving the story on your board, it is the feelings and emotions that the images produces which, will make the board powerful and effective.

Life is always about having fun ,enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and have an amazing time creating your vision board.

With gratitude always

HFL team

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