Who are we?

A small team whose lives have been transformed by positive quotes, posters and books to name a few. Find out more here.

How did Hidden Forest Lifestyle begin?

It started with producing our own motivational wall art for our home, designed and printed out on our home printer. We wrote down key values that were important teachings to us that we wanted to learn and practice each day. We found motivational wall art to be not only a great piece of wall art for our home but also a great daily positive message. We were so happy with our work that we wanted to give back and share the message with the world.

Why motivational posters?

We believe that everyone has the power to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. In our own journey of positive thinking we found motivational quotes in particular motivational wall art, to be a great way to constantly train our minds to be more positive.

What are the posters made from?

We produce high quality posters on card. Each poster has coating of matt laminate film to protect the poster and prevent glare and fingerprints.

Do you frame the posters?

Our posters currently are not framed, however we have applied a matt thin film coating to help prevent fingerprints, glare and to make the posters more durable.

Where can I purchase your products?

All our products are currently sold on Amazon.com

How are the products packaged?

The posters are flat packed in a white all board envelope with a do not bend sticker.

Where are the products produced?

All posters are printed and packed in the U.K and carefully inspected to ensure you are receiving a high quality product. All the posters are manufactured with a print company whose core values surround sustainability. They use sustainable materials as well as having a sustainable production method to produce all printed materials.

Where is my order?

Please get in touch with Amazon customer services, who will be happy to help you resolve your issue. Still having problems? Get in touch with us, stating your name, order number, where you have purchased your product and the issue. We get back to you asap.

Still curious? No problem, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

With gratitude always

Hidden Forest Lifestyle Team.

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